website, diploma project ZHdK, 2020

20’800’506’699t CO2

Our CO2 emissions have reached a level that threatens to destroy our own livelihood. We are all aware of the problem of climate change. Nevertheless, it is difficult to understand what role you yourself play in it. Who is responsible? The earth? Switzerland? Myself? It’s easy to feel that you’re too small to have any influence. The discrepancy between the whole planet and oneself feels far too great. It can seem overwhelming. In response, we tend to simply ignore climate change. To prevent this, I am creating a connection between the world, the nations and the individual with this project. It should help readers to understand and analyse their own position.

The webtool includes a CO2 emissions calculator and an interactive world map that allows readers to compare their own emission levels with those of other regions. This provides clarity about their own behaviour - and also about ways to change it. Interactive maps make it possible to superimpose different levels of information and to directly insert individual information from users. In this way, users can gain access to this complex topic and narrow the gap between themselves as individuals and the entire planet.